The pace of technology innovation and digital inclusion is increasing at a significant rate and societies the world over, are transitioning to an digitally orientated way of life as governments and institutions adopt digital ways of engaging as a preference.

eCulture Development Awareness

Our blog and news feeds draws together various sources to provide a comprehensive perspective on societies progress towards digital lifestyles, all of our news items are posted to streams on each of the popular social networks.


In summary key themes explored are:

  • eCulture – this category being concerned with the general social acceptance and adoption of digital “ways of working” and “ways of life”
  • eGov & Digital Legislation – exploring the transition central and local government is making to establish a digital by default engagement model for citizens
  • Digital Health & Assisted Living – incorporating advances in clinician / patient digital engagement and interaction through technology support services such as Tele-health / Tele-care, Wearable and Assisted Living Technologies
  • AI & Automation –  exploring the advances in robotics and the application of these technologies with specific outcomes that change the way people do things or live
  • IoT & Wearables- examining the growing dependence on Internet Connectivity and how this is impacting ordinary lives
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity – exploring how all of the above impacts an individuals privacy rights and the parallel developments of data protection legislation and cyber security solutions
  • Smarter Working & Living

Postings on the blog and news feeds are categorised into one or more of the themes above, taging is also used to identify sub-categorical specialisms within each of these themes.



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