Linkedin Group Rules

Guidelines for posting in the eCulture LinkedIn Group

Please read all of the below, which addresses all situations and provides guidelines for posting in the group. if you need to email me questions or raise a concern, please keep messages courteous and professional.

If you are seeking to promote your company, start-up, organisation, event, and/or conference, please use the Promotions tab. Please feel free to message me if you would like to have your item considered for inclusion on the eCulture Zone blog and / or promoted via eCulture social networking groups.


Before posting anything in the group, you should first scan through all the existing posts to get a feel for what is appropriate and allowed in the group, plus read all the guidelines and rules on this page.

eCulture social transformation themes (more about each theme can be found out from the links) include:

eGovernment and Digital Agenda Europe

Digital Health and Assisted Living

Internet of Things and Wearables

Robotics and Impact on Humanity

Privacy and Data Protection

Articles should be recent (within a few days of publication), date-stamped on the webpage, and not duplicative of existing posts.

After you enter an article link into the discussion box, it will auto-populate as an attached article. When this happens, DELETE the artifact link that remains in the discussion box. This is the most common error. Since submissions can’t be edited, and if this is the only issue with your post, you will need to resubmit the post for review.

You can now add/edit the title of the discussion, add description text (you can add your thoughts here), plus edit the title and description for the article by clicking on those parts that are displayed

Events are not permitted as discussions, but you can submit them for consideration to be listed on my global event list, here. Webinars are allowed but please check to see if it’s listed already.

Promotions and Jobs should be tagged as such at the time you post them. I delete any that aren’t tagged appropriately

For more comprehensive rules and guidelines please see below…


As with any community, adherence to basic rules and standards of conduct are vital to creating the most value for everyone. My goal is that the group educate, inform, and connect individuals who are interested in the social transition to eCulture around the world.


Appropriate posts include articles from reputable media outlets, blogs, company, organisation, or websites that are discussing or promoting solutions aligned to the following eCulture Themes. Questions to the group can also be posted, but these must be worthwhile and not simplistic or promotional in any way. Please refer to the guidelines below on appropriate sharing of any associated links.

Articles should be recent (within a few days of publication), date-stamped on the webpage, and not duplicative of recent posts or subjects covered in the group. I’ll sometimes make exceptions (e.g. when a story is particularly noteworthy), but the point is that many news stories are picked up by multiple media outlets. You can use the Search link in the group to see a chronological list of recent posts as well as filter in the main discussion forum on Recent.

Questions should reflect that you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time educating yourself by reading articles and expert comments made by members in the group. Questions that don’t rise to the level of the group or promote intelligent discourse may not be approved. Any articles referenced should be relevant and adhere to the article posting guidelines.


Please note postings to the group that are gratuitously self-promotional, obvious or can be construed as being business or organisation (including non-profit) promotions, press releases (PR), marketing, sales, or any other types of solicitations, may be removed.

The language of the group is English.


To share a relevant news article, please paste the complete, not shortened hyperlink url into the discussion submission box, then wait a few moments for the story to auto-populate via the link (LinkedIn will usually automatically insert the article’s headline and description).

Once this occurs, remove the artifact hyperlink you pasted into the discussion box above the auto-populated title and description. You can then add a relevant title of your own, but please make sure it’s clear what the article is about, not simply an exclamation of “Interesting”, or similar non-informative description.

You can use the description box below the title to add detail on your reaction, e.g. why you think it’s significant and/or what questions you have about the story. You can also click on the auto-populated article title and edit it as appropriate.

Post link to YouTube videos, Slide Share or PDF presentations, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn articles (including your own LinkedIn posts), etc., are permitted as are links to eCulture themed Indiegogo or other crowdfunding campaigns, Innovation challenges, white papers, or anything similar as long as these are aligned to eCulture themes and contribute to the overall education objectives of the group.

Given the potential for large volume of submissions, I will sometimes delete submissions without notification if these guidelines are not met as well as remove members from the group without notice for repeat or egregious offenses, e.g. blatant spamming.


You can add comments to existing group discussions mentioning relevant businesses, organisations, blogs, articles, etc, but please note that if you do this gratuitously, on a regular/repetitive, distracting, and/or overbearing basis, you may receive a note from me asking you to please tone it down.

If you persist and/or ignore guidance you may be removed from the group without notice. If your post or comment is particularly egregious and overt in a promotional way you may be removed from the group without notice. Please respect that group members don’t want to be ‘spammed’ and attempts at promotion that detract from the mission of the group will not be allowed.


I have a website with a dedicated Event List where anyone can submit an appropriate conference or event. To post an event, simply click on the green button labeled “Post Your Event”. To receive additional visibility by having your logo displayed we can enter into a simple media partnership, which typically entails swapping logos on our respective websites. For webinars please contact me prior to submission.


I look forward to your contributions and participating in discussions on the social transition to eCulture. There are some interesting, exciting and some aspects requiring more careful consideration times ahead to keep us occupied on this subject!

Best regards,
Paul White

Founder, eCulture Ltd, / eCulture.Zone
Principal, Going Digital Consulting

Twitter: @eCultures

Facebook: eCulture

Google+: eCulture