eCulture – a term used to categorise the social evolution and transformation course society is pursuing to a digitally oriented, way of life – Paul White – eCulture founder

A transformation today that is driven by an ever increase rate of technological innovation delivering new devices, new ways to connect, to communicate, to work, live and engage, integrate and collaborate.

From privacy concerns to direct integration between organic and synthetic / robotic forms providing a new lease of life, on the eCulture.Zone we explore news and announcements on developments of significance, things that we hope our audience will find interesting and be encouraged to debate, comment on and offer further insight or share any concerns they might have. Feel free to jump in and join the discussion.

eCulture Services

and if you have a digital transformation requirement to deliver? Or wish to explore options for digitally enhancing your business delivery capabilities or improve client engagements? Our sister business eCulture Solutions has a complete range of services available to help:

Digital Strategy – Helping clients to map business opportunity created by digital innovation delivering new ways of working.

Business Analysis – Supporting businesses to qualify digital innovation opportunity into tangible benefits and  deliverables.

Stakeholder Engagement – Systematic identification, planning and  implementation of actions designed to engage with stakeholders.


Solutions Design – Solution integrity assurance, inwardly on the consistency of delivery, outwardly on coherence of interfaces and dependencies.

Delivery Management – AGILE, Waterfall or a hybrid approach of both, tailorable delivery services to obtain best fit for control and assurance requirements.

eCulture Solutions has helped a wide range of clients from multi-national blue-chip to small medium enterprises (SME’s), the public sector healthcare / local government, the charitable, voluntary community and social enterprise sectors and a number of business start-ups all pursuing a common theme with requirements addressing ambitions to maximise digital innovation opportunities for better more effective, efficient ways of working, collaborating and engaging.