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MobCon US Developer Conference

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MobCon US Developer Conference, the premier, two-day mobile conference for executive, IT and mobile strategy business professionals, will help you harness the power of mobile technology at your own organization. Featuring keynote presentations from industry-leading executives and more than 30 educational sessions focused on cutting-edge trends and mobile best practices, MobCon U.S. is the must-attend annual event for any business, regardless of industry or size.

MobCon US Developer Conference – Keynotes

BRENT Herd, Head of Telco Strategy & Development, Twitter – The Constant Revolution of Twitter and the Mobile Ecosystem
ALAN Wizemann, VP, Target.com & Mobile Product, Target – Expect more. A lot more.
TOMER Cohen Head of the Mobile Product Team, LinkedIN – Ways to Win at Mobile
KATE Bolseth, CEO, Jingit – Privacy in the Next Frontier – Personal or Creepy?
NICK Crocker, Product Innovation Lead, myfitnesspal  – How To Lose 150 Million Pounds
JOSH Bernoff, Senior Vice President, Idea Development, Forrester – The Mobile Mind Shift: Engineering Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment

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mHealth+Telehealth World

mHealth+Telehealth World 2015

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mHealth+Telehealth World 2015

The role of technology in health care is growing year after year. Join us at mHealth+Telehealth World 2015 to learn strategies to keep up with this trend and understand the impact connected health will have on the future of health care. This Summit is a must attend for health care executives interested in learning how to most efficiently utilize mHealth and Telehealth programs to engage consumers, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs.

The mHealth+Telehealth World 2015 brings together hospitals, health systems, health plans, and innovators to share successes and failures of existing programs and discuss the future of connected health. Network with experts in the field as you learn valuable strategies to bring success to your organization.

Key Topics to be Addressed in 2015:

  • Return on investment for digital health programs
  • Legislative updates around licensing, credentialing, and privileging
  • Regulation of mHealth devices, including apps
  • Reimbursement criteria for Telehealth services
  • Uses of mHealth and Telehealth in different areas of care (ex: home health, surgery/procedure-based specialties, etc.)
  • Strategies to implement new mHealth and Telehealth programs
  • Approaches to expand existing mHealth and Telehealth programs
  • Ways to increase patient adoption of digital health initiatives
  • Uses of digital health to increase patient and member engagement
  • Insights from data garnered from digital health efforts – Ways to improve care and outcomes, reduce costs, and manage population health
  • Steps to overcome interoperability issues
  • How to capitalize on the explosion of wearable health technologies and how they fit into the overall digital health strategy


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Internet of Things World

Internet of Things World

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Internet of Things World


Internet of Things World 2015 is the world’s largest independent IoT event with over 4,000 attendees, 250+ industry thought leaders and 150+ exhibitors. With a focus on monetizing the IoT revolution through bringing together ecosystem wide attendees, stakeholders and investors, Internet of Things World is a unique opportunity to promote your IoT message right in the heartland of IoT development.

2014 has been an important year for IoT with huge opportunities of this technology now firmly being realized. Accenture’s recent report predicts that 69% of consumers plan to buy an in-home device by 2019, reaffirming that consumer adoption of connected technology is on the rise.

With the hype around IoT now turning into reality, now is the time to bring together the entire ecosystem in order to assess the commercial opportunities, to highlight the key challenges hindering IoT and to assess the range of solutions available to create a sustainable future for IoT.

The 2nd annual Internet of Things World is the only independent business event dedicated to IoT. It assesses the key horizontal challenges affecting the range of vertical markets while also featuring dedicated tracks looking at industry-specific issues.

Internet of Things World is brought to you by Informa Telecoms & Media, the world’s leading provider of events in the communications market place.

Internet of Things World Hackathon

Why Attend This Hackathon?

The IoT World Hackathon is a not for profit event that creates on-the-spot teams of technologists and industry stakeholders to shape the next generation of the connected internet. The Hackathon provides a playful, exploratory environment where disruption and creative ideas are the essential tools for innovation.

The Hackathon will give developers, designers, and entrepreneurs the chance to pitch app and product ideas – form teams – build prototypes- and present to our Hackathon judges for a chance to be one of the top Hackathon winners who get Prizes, Publicity and Connections through the platform of Internet of Things World and IoT World News.

The Hack is a fantastic way to gain early access to developer platforms, hone and advance your skills, meet other hackers and connections, all in the environment of a unique conference bringing together some of the leading IoT experts from around the world.

Collocated with Internet of Things World, the Hack and the conference have a degree of integration to allow each group to benefit from the others presence – for Hackers to gain from exposure to the industry experts that will be present, and for conference goers to be inspired by the innovation and excitement of the Hack. Some of our keynotes and industry guru speakers will be acting as judges for the Hack, and other product gurus from the industry sectors addressed by the conference will be on hand to act as mentors.

The Challenges

Best Consumer IoT Project:

Application sectors for the consumer might include Home, Fitness & Health, Car, or use of Beacons. So applications you might consider might be things like turning on the coffee maker when you run the shower in the morning, turning on your car’s engine when you open the garage door, or guiding around a shopping mall.

Best IoT in the Environment Project:

Application sectors for this challenge could include Smart Cities, Intelligent Agriculture, Logistics or the Industry Internet. So the sort of applications you might like to build include trash cans that know when they need to be emptied, street lights that turn off when no-one is around, plants that know when they need watering, or industrial machines that let you know when their bearings might be wearing out.

We expect to add more challenges as further sponsors come on board, so be sure to check back for further information.


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Medical Informatics World

Medical Informatics World 2015

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About the Conference

Held each year in Boston, Medical Informatics World connects more than 400 healthcare, biomedical science, health informatics, and IT leaders to navigate emerging trends and opportunities in the evolving industry. The event responds to the challenges in collaborating and maximizing the benefit of enabling technologies with inspiring plenary keynotes combined with focused expert-led presentations and discussions. Coverage includes population health management, predictive analytics, payer-provider-pharma data collaborations, patient care and engagement, mobile and wearable technologies, care delivery models, enterprise hospital information systems, clinical decision support, error and readmission reduction, and healthcare data security. The 2015 program features six conference tracks, two interactive dinner workshops and six plenary keynote presentations, providing attendees with the connections, tools and strategies for taking their research and care delivery to the next level.

2015 Concurrent Tracks

Population Health Management and Quality Improvement

Information Security and Privacy in Healthcare

Leveraging mHealth, Telehealth and the Cloud

Building Enterprise Architecture and Hospital Information Systems

Leveraging mHealth, Telehealth and Cloud

Amidst a diminishing supply of providers and escalating costs of healthcare, the call for new point-of-care testing, direct-to-consumer diagnostics, patient-centered devices and apps to support mobile healthcare and telemedicine has never been greater. These technologies offer clinicians decision support capabilities, healthcare systems a real-time data stream for population health management, and they offer providers, patients and payers the chance to improve the outcome of care for less expense. Cambridge Healthtech Institute and Clinical Informatics News’ “Leveraging mHealth, Telehealth and the Cloud: Achieving the Triple Aim with Mobile Tech, POC Devices, Wearables and Telemedicine,” taking place May 4-5, 2015 at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston, MA, will bring together technology developers, clinicians, researchers, payers and innovators in mobile health and telehealth for key discussions on the development and utilization of mobile tech to improve healthcare.

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internet of things North America

Internet of Things North America

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Internet of Things North America

Internet of Things North America is an innovative event covering advanced connectivity and cloud based monitoring/control of devices, facilities, automobiles and enterprise operations. After a successful 2014 event in Milwaukee, the 2015 will be held in Chicago on April 15-16, and will be co-located with Webcom’s newest event:  the Device Technology Conference.

It will consist of two full days of educational sessions along with an exhibition showcasing solutions in:

  • Machine and Device Connectivity
  • IoT Standards and Standardization
  • Big Data: Data Acquisition & Analytics
  • M2M
  • Apps
  • Building a Business Model for IoT
  • Enterprise-wide Connectivity
  • Networking: Wireless, Wired, Fiber & Telemetry Networks
  • Cloud-based monitoring and control of equipment, assets, facilities & operations
  • Integrating Multiple Networks & Communications Systems for Maximum Interoperability
  • Remote & Smart Service Management

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MobCon Digital Health

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MobCon Digital Health will zero in on advances in technology impacting health, wellness and business. This first of its kind conference will feature presentations by the top minds in digital health, 5 educational tracks, exhibits, tech demos, unparalleled networking opportunities and more.

MobCon Digital Health Conference Tracks

Future of Digital Health

Tap into the leading innovators who connect vision with application to explain how the future of healthcare will be forever redefined using technology. Learn the essential elements of the digital health revolution and how the industry is poised for explosive change in delivering health and wellness.

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

An in-depth look at privacy rules, compliance and regulatory pathways as they pertain to health technologies. Learn the best practices for navigating regulation, from device classification to post-market surveillance, in order to gain regulatory clearance.

The Power of the Data

The future of medicine lies in big data analytics. Industry leaders will reveal new approaches for combining disparate data silos into a rich source of information that provides a 360-degree view of the patient, resulting in a better way to identify risk factors, improve diagnosis and ultimately reduce costs.

From Sensors to Mobile

Wearable sensors, ingestible sensors, wireless medical devices, mobile medical apps: The innovative realm of wireless health will be evaluated for usability, accessibility to data, clinical outcomes, healthcare value and how it can impact the patient-to-physician experience.

Digital Health as a Business

A comprehensive look at the business side of digital health, including recent successes and failures, and the complex financial, legislative and competitive pressures for everyone from entrepreneurs to large medical corporations.



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