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IFSEC International

IFSEC International

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Why should you visit IFSEC International?

 IFSEC International is the global stage for security innovation and expertise and host to hundreds of leading global technology, solutions, knowledge and the latest innovations.

A few questions to ask yourself…

  • Do you want to ensure your security strategy is up to date?
  • Do you want to accelerate your security career or business?
  • Do you want to gather with the leaders of your industry?
  • Do you want to see the latest products from the most innovative suppliers?
Yes? Well then read on about why IFSEC International is the must-attend event for you in 2014…

Never seen before features…

Innovation Trail

Are you looking for something truly new to market? Not a minor software update or a slightly different casing, but futuristic technology. If so, follow the IFSEC Innovation Trail, guiding you through a handpicked selection of never seen before products that are launching on the show floor.

7 Educational Streams

With a grand total of 7 seminar theatres on the show floor, IFSEC International in 2014 goes far beyond your typical exhibition, it’s where the agenda is truly set for the future of security and where the industry’s pertinent topics are discussed, debated and determined. 

Security & Fire Installer Live

Created for the installer, by the installer, our feedback from our year round conversations with our installation community culminates in the creation of an area that includes a Tool Zone, with Anglia Tools bringing onsite demos from Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch and Makita surrounding a networking bar where visitors can meet potential end user clients, while they claim their free refreshments

Global Meetings Programme

Launched with huge success at IFSEC International last year, we’ll again be matching our exhibitors and visitors before the event even starts, forming an atmosphere of real business happening on the show floor, and ensuring that you get the most value out of every moment at IFSEC International… so make sure you book in your meetings before the event!

Safe Cities 

The first conference and exhibition dedicated to the security requirements of a city, rather than its individual components, a high level programme shaped by contribution from other major global cities will inform security strategies protecting our Critical National Infrastructure.

Covering every area of security…

IFSEC International covers all areas of security, and to make it easier for you to see what’s on offer we’ve spilt our providers and edcuation into 9 key product areas including: 

Integrated SecurityIntegrated Security Safe CitiesSafe Cities Physical SecurityPhysical Security &
Perimeter Protection
AccessAccess Control &
Intelligent BuildingSmart Buildings CyberCyber & IT Security

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Applaud Maude, for suggesting boardroom focus on IT security

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Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, has urged businesses to make IT security a boardroom issue.The minister warned that security was no longer just an issue for IT departments alone.

Is it still the case that modern day businesses still need encouragement to make IT security a top priority? Is data protection legislation in itself failing to impress upon organisations, the need to adoption of a more business orientated approach to IT Security investment and management?

perhaps it is that many can be forgiven for thinking that IT security in this modern age is not being addressed properly within the business community, especially give recent high profile issues experienced by some of the top technology providers in the world. If well known technology powerhouses are unable to implement security measures to prohibit cyber attacks on their business then a concern for what hope there is for the rest of the business world is possibly well founded?

It is possible however that a somewhat skewed perspective on matters concerning IT security is created by the penchant for only bad news to be reported in the more popular periodicals and on-line news services. With a little digging around it is possible to find some more positive news.

Investment in IT Security is improving

IT Security InvestmentAccording to a recent news and update bulletin posted on the ISO/IEC 27001 adoption rates of this international standard on IT security continue to improve on an ongoing upward trend basis, albeit in varying degrees in different countries around the world.

Here in the UK the trend is very positive, especially in comparison to that of our fellow members in the EU. According to the executive summary of the The ISO Survey of Management System Standard Certifications – 2013 the status of ISO/IEC 27001 gives the requirements for information security management systems, was:

At the end of December 2013, at least 22 293 ISO/IEC 27001 certificates, a growth of 14 % (+2 673), had been issued in 105 countries and economies, two more than in the previous year.

The top three countries for the total number of certificates issued were Japan, India and the United Kingdom, while the top three for growth in the number of certificates in 2013 were Italy, India and the UK.

Likely that in part, this growth is being driven by the emergence of new computing models, in particular transitioning to Cloud and outsourcing. However any increase in the application of recognised standards during what have been extremely taxing economic times must be something to be welcomed.

A More Positive Picture

ISO LogoSo with due respect t the very challenging economic times that we here in the UK are still yet to fully materialise, the news that in the last two years UK business investment in ISO accredited IT security standards has continued to increase, sufficient to maintain a UK top three ranking is very positive news indeed.

It should be pointed out that the difference in number of 27001 certificates awarded between the top ranking country Japan (7084), to that of India (1931) and the UK (1923) is quite significant, with Japanese businesses achieving more that twice that of the UK and India together in 2013.

So even whilst the UK is doing better than most, perhaps the answer to the questions posed above is “yes” and on both counts?

What else do you think could and should be done to increase focus and investment on improving the state of IT security where this is needed?

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