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Future Health Summit

Future Health Summit

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Future Health Summit

Who Should Attend

24th May – Acute Services, Health Executives, Hospital Operators, ehealth, Clinical & Nursing Leadership, Payors, Providers,  Clinical Research Innovation

25th May – Patients Groups, Patients & Families, Community Services, Integrated Care, Mental Health, Life Sciences & Med Tech, Venture Capital, Personal & Corporate Wellness, Food, Public Health

Future Health Summit Agenda

The Future of Healthcare, the drive for more Personalized Care in the Digital Age

15 Summits, 3,000 delegates, 160 Speakers, Patient workshops, 120+ Exhibitors


Day 1 Day 2

Plenary Day 1 – Stimulate your thinking

Beacon Hospital Radio Surgery

eHealth Summit
VIP Dinner

Health Leadership Summit

Night Summit

Clinical Leaders Summit

Finance Leadership Summit

Dental & Oral Health Symposium

Plenary Day 2 – Stimulate your thinking

Future Wellness Summit

Homecare Summit

Life Sciences, Med Tech & Digital Health Summit

Neurology Summit

Directors of Nursing and Midwifery Summit

Oncology and Clinical Trials

Cardiac and Diabetes Summit

The Future of Health Care Your Vision

Corporate Benefits


Carefolk Workshop

Council of Clinical Information Officers Ireland Workshop

Neurological Alliance Workshop




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Digital Rights Europe 2015

Digital Rights Europe 2015

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Digital Rights Europe 2015 Speakers

Brian Honan – “Organisational Security”

In an ever increasingly connected world we entrust our private information to the companies that we deal with, both online and offline. Yet, the newspaper headlines regularly highlight security breaches where this information is being exposed and compromised. In this talk Brian will highlight the main issues behind some of the recent high profile attacks and what companies and organisations should be doing better in order to better protect the personal data that we entrust to them.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald – “Ethics & Technology in Law Practice”

These days, practising law without using technology is almost impossible. Do lawyers have a professional duty to keep their IT competence up to date? How do lawyers ensure they are not inadvertently breaching client confidentiality?

Elizabeth Knight – “UK Digital Surveillance and Human Rights”

The Snowden disclosures revealed the vast extent of the UK intelligence agencies’ surveillance activities. They also demonstrated that the UK’s legislative framework and oversight system are inadequate. This talk will outline how the UK’s current activities violate the right to privacy and the reforms that could rectify the problem.

Fergal Crehan – “Ireland as a Digital Privacy Powerhouse”

Ireland, as European home to Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, has a “data population” far in excess of its relatively small physical population. No matter where you may happen to live, your social media accounts – and therefore your personal data – live in Dublin. As a result, the privacy rights of millions of people fall to be guaranteed under Irish law.

Joseph Dalby – “Eyes-in-the-sky: Drones, Data and Privacy”

Technological advances in unmanned aircraft for recreational and commercial use, coupled with the availability of smaller and higher definition video cameras, heralds a huge increase in the ability to document real-world personal lives and commercial activities, not seen since the advent of CCTV. These “eyes in the sky” have the potential to give even the most casual snooper the ability to be far more discerning in his target, and far more revealing in his output; all broadcast online.

Linda Scales – “The Database Right: Under the Radar of Reform”

The so-called sui generis database right was introduced in Europe in 1996. It was intended that it would be a model right, to be harmonised at international level by a treaty. This has never happened however, and so it remains, somewhat marooned, as a uniquely European right. The presentation will review the database cases and will show, against the background of the copyright reform agenda in Europe, why it is odd that the database right has remained below the radar.

Simon McGarr – “Leveraging Litigation in Pursuit of Digital Rights”

Digital Rights are really the extension of long standing human rights applied into the digital sphere, far from the political mainstream. And, as has historically been the case, the guardians of digital human rights are the Courts. But, in order to give a court an opportunity to decide on where the protections of digital rights should start and end, they must be given a case to decide.

TJ McIntyre – “Internet Filtering and Blocking”

Over the last decade, internet blocking has gone from being an abstract risk to an established reality in most European countries. Blocking of websites at the behest of the copyright industry is the best known example, but it is increasingly being matched by demands for blocking of more categories (such as pro-anorexia and “extremist” websites) whether or not that material is legal.



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