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HIMSS Europe 18

HIMSS Europe 18

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HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 are collocating the most influential digital health conference of 2018.

HIMSS Europe 18

Takes place in the beautiful coastal Spanish town of Sitges, located just 25 minutes away from Barcelona. The conference will include sessions which will address the whole spectrum of the digital health ecosystem with the aim to reach key audiences in the sector: from hospital CEOs to innovative SMEs and start-ups, as well as CMOs, clinicians and nurses. Conference themes will include: digital transformation, cybersecurity, interoperability and data into knowledge.

In addition, HIMSS Europe 18 is honoured to be supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health, who will bring immense added value to the programme. The renowned European Telemedicine Conference (ETC) will also be featured in the conference, as well as a high-level C-suite workshop hosted by HIMSS-CHIME International.

HIMSS Europe is a trusted coach, advisor and thought leader in health IT

HIMSS Europe is the European arm of HIMSS, the largest health IT membership organisation in the world. We are a one-stop- organisation for all health IT-related information, knowledge and advice, and offer an unrivalled perspective on what’s happening in the world of health and care IT in Europe.


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Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

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Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow is a global non-profit headquartered in Paris that aims to accelerate science & tech innovation by empowering startups with cash prizes and connections with investors and industrials. It was created in 2011 by Xavier Duportet & Arnaud de la Tour. Hello Tomorrow is supported by the French public and private sectors, but remains an independent organization governed by entrepreneurs.

Deeptech Solutions to Real World Problems

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is the place to meet the entrepreneurs that are building the future, answering tangible local and global challenges with innovations based on advanced technologies aka deeptech

In Each Sector – A comprehensive program to help you build tomorrow


30+ Keynotes and Fireside Chats with prominent deeptech entrepreneurs solving real world problems with deeptechnologies


70+ Startup pitches from the most inspiring early stage entrepreneurs selected from 4,000 applicants in 120 countries

Market Insights

Interactive discussions with 40 leading international investors in burgeoning deeptech sectors

Founder Insights

Intimate and interactive sessions about success and failures with experienced founders of deeptech ventures


Interact, try, feel and touch the deeptech innovations that will change tomorrow


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IoT Solutions World Congress

IoT Solutions World Congress

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IoT Solutions World Congress

Is the leading international event that links the Internet of Things with industry. On its second edition, the event has doubled the figures registered on its inaugural one, with 172 exhibiting companies and over 8,000 attendees from 70 countries. The intense activity registered during the three-day conference positions this congress as one of the major international platforms promoting this new technology sector.

Internet of Things in Healthcare

From overall cost, to the experience in the hospital and patient outcomes, technology is changing and improving healthcare. Costs can be reduced by the use of remote patient monitoring and reducing the number of hospital visits. Sensor technology offers tracking of medical devices and improves overall efficiency. Predictive maintenance decreases downtime of medical equipment offering consistent and accurate use.

Learn from companies and facilities and how they are overcoming internal politics and regulation issues to provide connected healthcare, wearables, security in mobile healthcare, and improving patient care through the efficient use and distribution of data.


  • Predictive Maintenance of Hospital Equipment
  • Tracking Healthcare Devices
  • Interoperability of Health Devices
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Security of Medical Records/Mobile Healthcare
  • Wearables
  • How the Use of Data Improves Patient Care
  • The Future of Healthcare

Internet of things in Manufacturing

The application of the Internet of Things to the manufacturing sector signifies huge operational improvements.

Asset performance, predictive maintenance, improved safety, increased productivity, the use of augmented operators and the smart enterprise are what manufacturers want to achieve with IoT.

Learn how companies are prioritizing their needs, gaining an understanding of what differentiates their business from others in order to build their vision and execution plan. Hear how they are bridging legacy systems, integrating with suppliers and the roadblocks and solutions in their implementations.


  • Asset Performance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Safety
  • Augmented Operators
  • Smart Enterprise
  • Interoperability-How To Integrate Suppliers
  • Data Ownership
  • Standards
  • Roadblocks & Solutions to Implementation


Internet of Things in Connected Transport

In increasing numbers, people are using public transportation and organizations are looking to improve and expand their transportation and logistics services. Whether in ground, rail, air or sea, IoT solutions are being developed and utilized to address traffic congestion, safety, pollution, and efficient transport of goods.

Learn how remote fleet management can increase the bottom line, improvements in public transit and autonomous vehicles can prevent accidents and reduce insurance costs, and how data collected from all means of transportation vehicles can assist in reducing transportation costs and increase on time deliveries.


  • Improving Efficiency of Air Travel
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles Smart Mobility
  • Multi-national perspectives of V2V and V2I
  • The Future of Transportation
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Mass Transit
  • Use & Management of Drones & AUV’s
  • Transportation Management

Internet of Things in Buildings & Infrastructure

The adoption of Industrial IoT is creating opportunities as well as the need for change in organizations including new business models, workforce transformation and finding new forms of finance and funding. The collection and utilization and new and existing data is providing opportunities for higher service levels and new revenue streams.

Organizations are adapting and changing to act upon these opportunities by re-structuring, changing product offerings, revising sales and service models as well as go to market strategies and reaping the ROI. Hear how IIoT is changing organizations and how they do business today and in the future.


  • Changing Business Models
  • Developing New Revenue Streams
  • Workforce Transformation
  • IT/OT Convergence
  • Finance & Funding
  • Sales Methodologies
  • New Service Models
  • How To Invest and Deploy IIoT

Internet of Things in Energy & Utilities

Utility companies are faced with the advent of renewable and distributed power generation, both of which demand a more flexible smart grid that can handle multiple energy sources  (like wind and solar) in a decentralized and bi-directional network.

Learn how IIoT is creating a fundamental shift in advanced energy production and distribution technology, management and services while leveraging existing investments in infrastructure and operations. See how a deeper level of interoperability, connectivity, and automation through IIoT enables Energy companies and Utilities to be more agile, more flexible and efficient, improve outage management, enable automatic and remote fine-tuning, transform energy data into new services, prevent theft, predict asset performance, and smoothly integrate all types of energy in a connected system.


  • Performance Optimization
  • Storage & Analytics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Remote Monitoring & Reliability
  • Energy Optimization
  • Safety and Security
  • Decrease Downtime
  • Predictive Maintenance

Internet of Things in Open Industry

New technologies, applications and solutions as well as new uses of those existing are propelling the Industrial Internet. Testbed collaborations continue to be developed that are changing industry and resulting in greater potential innovation and productivity. Substantial implications will be seen across many vertical industries including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and energy, utilities and more.

Hear how the utilization of technologies that support interoperability, real-time streaming analytics, API management, standards and methodologies, security, and intelligent platforms are turning huge amounts of data into powerful new insights and intelligence.


  • Interoperability
  • Achieving New Results With Existing Data
  • Standards & Methodologies Collaboration of Testbeds
  • Systems & Architectures
  • Edge Computing
  • Vertical Industry Innovations
  • Intelligent Platforms

Why Attend?

Visit the IoT Solutions World Congress, an event where technology meets business.

Take the opportunity for business connections to be made, and to discover the most disruptive IoT solutions.

Barcelona is a hub for new technologies and startups. Fira Barcelona hosts events such as the GSMA Mobile World Congress, the VMWorld Congress or the Smart City Expo World Congress. The city is the perfect place to host the largest Industrial IoT event.

Exhibition area

  • 14,000M2
  • +10,000
  • +10
  • The Fira Barcelona venue offers an exhibition floor of more than 14.000 m2, making the IoT Solutions World Congress the biggest Industrial IoT event worldwide.
  • This event is the opportunity for business connections to be made, and to discover the most disruptive IoT solutions.
  • We expect more than 10,000 visitors from key industries to attend the 2016 edition of the event. Showcase your projects to international buyers, gain insight into industrial IoT applications and evaluate market conditions.
Congress area

  • +250
  • +100
  • +130
  • The Congress Area features a 3-day program with sessions exploring Industrial IoT solutions. More than 250 speakers will discuss the most relevant topics in IoT today.
  • Our Advisory Board and Program Committee are composed of highly-ranked professionals from pioneer IoT companies, ensuring high quality and content standards are met. No other IoT event worldwide is backed by such a strong line-up of key players.
  • Learn how to implement IoT in your business models to gain in productivity and become more cost efficient.

  • 800
  • 6
  • The IoT Solutions World Congres is the place where leading companies of the IoT ecosystem team up to create solutions for the most pressing industry problems.
  • Our event is built to foster business connections and offer a broad array of networking opportunities. Get involved in the networking activities and side events taking place during the three days of the IoTSWC. Network with potential business partners and discover new projects.
  • Millions of euros of deals will be closed during the 3 days of the event.

  • 10
  • +200M2
  • IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 is the only event featuring demonstrations of Industrial IoT.
  • The testbeds are strategically placed in the center of our exhibition floor giving our attendees the opportunity to experience never-before-seen IoT in action.
  • 200 m2 dedicated Testbed Area.
  • We invite companies to showcase their latest solutions and testbeds at our show by participation in our CALL FOR TESTBEDS – submission until June 30, 2016.

 We expect more than 10,000 visitors from key industries to attend the 2016 edition of the event.


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Nordic Edge Expo

Nordic Edge Expo

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The largest Smart City event in the Nordics

Why Attend Nordic Edge Expo.

Nordic Edge Expo is the main Smart City meeting place in the Nordics. In September 2017 you can expect to meet more than 70 top-class speakers and over 200 exhibitors from the all over the world

Nordic Edge Expo covers a broad range of smart city themes and showcases both best practices and solutions addressing the urban challenges that most cities and communities are facing.

At Nordic Edge Expo you will meet a captive audience and decision makers from cities and municipalities, smart technology providers, change-making companies, startups, forward-thinking universities and dynamic organisations.

Conference – Smarter cities and communities

By bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers, Nordic Edge Expo is a not- to-be-missed destination for inspiration, insights and action.

Over the course of three days, we present a conference with top-class speakers from the Nordics, the rest of Europe, USA and Asia. We cover a broad array of smart city themes, including infrastructure, mobility, energy/renewables, e-health and care, governance, educational technology and smart art. Smart City Expo is where the public sector joins forces with the private sector in order to discuss better solutions for smarter cities and communities.

In addition to the main conference programme, Nordic Edge Expo will also organise a number of Centre Court sessions. The Centre Court is a smaller conference arena in the middle of the exhibition venue. This intimate stage offers short, interesting talks with an emphasis on the following themes:

  • Introduction to Smart Technology – Smart City startups
  • Smart Products & Services
  • Public Sector Projects

Have a look at the program at Nordic Edge Expo 2016

The biggest smart city expo in the Nordics

  • 2500 m2 of prime exhibition space
  • Up to 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries
  • 4000 attendees expected
  • Separate section for start-ups

You will meet decision makers from cities and municipalities, change-making companies, startups, smart technology providers and investors.

The exhibition covers a broad range of subjects and themes related to smart, technological solutions such as Mobility, Energy and Renewables, Infrastructure, Enabling technology, Health, City
Governance, Citizen Involvement and Smart Living.

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor? Contact us!


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Industry Of Things World

Industry of Things World

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Industry of Things World

The must-attend Industrial IoT event in Europe!Industry of Things World is an international knowledge exchange platform bringing together more than 1000 high-level executives who play an active role in the Industrial Internet of Things scene.

Rethink your technology & business strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT: cloud, robotics, automation, standards, interoperability, security, data!

Key themes 2017

  • Monetizing the IoT in an industrial setting
  • Overcoming Integration Challenges of Industry 4.0 in Running Factories
  • New Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Techniques
  • Changing Supply Chain, Inventorying and Logistics in Manufacturing
  • AR and VR in Manufacturing Simulation
  • M2M and Artificial Intelligence for Improved Productivity
  • The Impact of IoT on the Innovation Potential of Established Industries
  • Changing Old-School Industries to New Service Industries
  • Connectivity and Interoperability
  • Data – Are Organisations Handling and Analysing Data Effectively?
  • Collaboration and Partnerships to Transform Economies
  • Where Do Real Industry of Things Opportunities Lie?
  • Building a Comprehensive Ecoystem for Industrial Internet
  • Transforming  Business Models with IIOT
  • Intelligent Production for Reduced Costs and Enhanced Quality
  • Advancing the Technology to Drive Industrial Internet Opportunities

The sessions

Icebreaker Sessions

Round tables on the evening before the first conference day. The Icebreaker is a first informal networking.

Keynotes & Best Practices

Selected presentations by high-level speakers, visionaries and renowned experts.

World Café Session

Be part of several thematic conversation rounds with changing topics and team constellations.

Training Session

In a workshop-like atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to discuss specific questions with a small group of participants.

Lunch Session

A lunch workshop, in which you get the chance to address and discuss your specific solution with a qualified group of participants.

Tweetback & Connect

The unique interactive live feedback system! Note down your thoughts on comment cards which will be pinned on walls in the networking area for further discussion.

Panel Discussion

A moderated conversation where hand-picked industry experts discuss current and future issues from different perspectives.

Live Tech Take

Delegates and solution providers have the chance to actively participate in product and service demos on the expo floor.

Networking Dinner

Wind down, enjoy great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere to absorb all the new stimulations from the day.


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IoT Global Innovation Forum

IoT Global Innovations Forum

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IoT Global Innovations Forum

Envisioning and Achieving the Full Internet of Things (IoT) Potential

According to Machina Research, the total number of IoT connections is projected to grow from 6 billion in 2015 to 27 billion in 2025, a CAGR of 16%, representing a total revenue opportunity of USD3 trillion in 2025 (up from USD750 billion in 2015).* These IoT devices will generate a staggering amount of data and stimulate tremendous business opportunities for companies across a range of market verticals.

This 3rd Annual Global Innovation Forum will bring together leading technology innovators, researchers, business executives and academic professionals from around the world for three days of focused networking and information sharing at the cutting edge. Expert presenters will discuss the latest advances in enabling technologies, networks and applications for traditional commercial processes as well as new business models and opportunities within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere.

Topics To Be Addressed

  • Architectures for pervasive sensing and data sharing
  • Interoperability and integration
  • Semantic web and the evolving next-generation Internet
  • Cloud computing, wireless networks, and communication advances
  • Standards and control system technologies
  • Ensuring data security and privacy
  • Big Data analytics for applications: arriving at value
  • Designing human-focused solutions ensuring high end-user acceptance
  • Emerging smart building and smart city applications
  • Applications in manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation
  • Advances in wearables and consumer technologies
  • Emerging commercial and industrial end-use applications
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart grid and energy efficiency applications
  • Enabling hardware and software developments
  • Market forecasts and international trends
  • Case studies and lessons learned to date

The 2017 Call for Papers is currently open. Plan now to participate in for this unique networking and information-sharing event for the global IoT industry.

An Authoritative, Cross Stakeholder Event

Global in Focus

  • Network with leading researchers, developers and executives from around the world who are shaping the Internet of Things future

In-Depth and Cutting Edge

  • Dig deep into the latest technology developments, emerging technologies and business models through objective presentations and panel sessions by industry thought leaders and top researchers

Strategic and Forward-Looking

  • Develop and refine your strategy for success in the coming world of IoT – examine business models and strategies for future growth

Comprehensive in Scope

  • Understand how the IoT will help enable the Smart City, Smart Building, and Smart Home of tomorrow and benefit companies across a range of consumer and industrial sectors

Who Should Attend

The IoT Global Innovation Forum is intended for researchers, business executives, and technology pioneers who are pushing the envelope of the IoT opportunity. This includes:

  • IoT researchers and academic professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, business planners and executives
  • IoT hardware and software vendors
  • CIOs and IT professionals
  • Commercial and industrial executives looking to apply IoT technologies
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Technology developers, designers and project managers
  • VC investment and financial professionals
  • Public policy, regulatory, and government representatives
  • Internet service provider, networking, and communications companies
  • Consumer electronics and computing companies
  • Start-up firms and incubators


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Wearable Technology Europe

Wearable Technology Europe

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Wearable Technology Europe

Is a conference and exhibition focusing on wearable technologies, applications, and their commercialisation progress. The speaker program is carefully crafted by IDTechEx analysts. The two-day combined conference program will consist of over 225 speakers, with 50 speakers specifically covering Wearable Technology.


The exhibition runs alongside the conference tracks and takes place on 10-11 May. It will showcase over 200 exhibiting companies from 61 countries, many demonstrating the technologies in action. Attend the exhibition and get access to:

  • Academic Posters

Showcasing relevant academic work

  • Award Ceremony

See the prestigious IDTechEx awards being presented

  • IDTechEx Launchpad

New technology products shown for the first time from start-ups and spin-outs. See it first here!

  • Demonstration Street

The world’s largest collection of flexible and printed electronics in one place

  • Exhibition Theatre

Selected companies will give presentations on their industry and technologies

  • Manufacturing Street

See flexible electronics being made

  • Networking at the drinks reception and in the exhibition hall

Refreshments, including lunch, are included in your pass as well as the drinks reception on the 10 May

IDTechEx Show!

Wearable Europe is part of the IDTechEx Show! A series of synergistic events on Printed Electronics, wearable, sensors, IoT, 3D printing, graphene & 2D materials, energy storage, electric vehicles and energy harvesting. Each of these is a full two-day executive conference with a common exhibition. We co-locate these events because there is strong overlap across these topics, exposing you to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases, saving you time and money from attending separate events Attendees to any conference will have access to all co-located conference tracks and the combined exhibition.

3D Printing Europe Attendees at the conference will gain a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art in 3D Printing, including its convergence with Printed Electronics and other functionalities. End-users across a range of application areas will report on their experiences and requirements and the latest technological advances will be presented. Visit conference website

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing In the whole world, only this conference looks at the total reinvention of electric vehicles and how the components opportunity is far bigger than it seems. New electric bus and aircraft technology. How the energy independence market (on-board solar, wind, tire, suspension electricity etc) will dwarf commoditised autonomy electronics. Appraise magnetic cement for dynamic charging, GaAs solar, GaN power, new supercapacitors and batteries, merged power electronics. Learn how open sourcing and different car design means micro car factories compete head-on with giants. Visit conference website

Energy Harvesting Europe Energy Harvesting addresses the exciting new progress of extracting energy from heat, light, motion, biology, RF and other means to power small devices to vehicles. This IDTechEx event, focusing on the uses, potential users and market forecasts as well as giving the latest technology trends, is the meeting place for users, investors, suppliers, developers, system integrators and government representatives. Visit conference website

Energy Storage Innovations Europe This annual IDTechEx event focuses on future energy storage solutions, including advanced- and post-Lithium-ion technologies, new form factors and emerging applications. IDTechEx brings together different players in the value chain, from material & technology developers to integrators to end-users, providing insight on forthcoming technologies, material selection, market trends and latest products. Visit conference website

Graphene & 2D Materials Europe This event will cover all promising applications of graphene, including graphene composites, supercapacitors and batteries, functional inks, logic and memory, touch screens, sensors and bio-electronics and beyond. Our audience will develop a comprehensive yet detailed understanding of the state of technology and market per graphene application area. Visit conference website

Internet of Things Applications Europe This event addresses the opportunity for the Internet of Things. It addresses the business models, case studies, actions, profitability and missing gaps. It covers case studies within key market verticals and appraises the new enabling technologies coming onstream. Event will help you assess your business strategy and timing, the technical, consumer and governmental challenges, new business models and opportunities. Visit conference website

Printed Electronics Europe This event focuses on the commercialisation of the technology, covering broadly organic, inorganic, thin film and flexible nanotechnologies. We have some of the world’s largest end user companies presenting on their needs and experience with printed electronics, and many are in attendance to learn how they can use these new technologies in their products. Visit conference website

Sensors Europe The conference and exhibition enabling the commercialisation of disruptive sensor technologies. This event will bring together material suppliers, sensor manufacturers and end users. With a program selected by analysts and industry experts, Sensors Europe is the place to find the technologies and business partners to create the most innovative products. Visit conference website

Wearable Europe This event focuses on wearable technologies, applications and their commercialisation progress. End users will outline their requirements and wish-list, while also discussing their latest progress. Suppliers, academics and other technologists will focus on critical enabling technologies that will shape the future of wearable technologies. Visit conference website



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Health 2.0 Europe

Health 2.0 Europe

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The Next Generation of Healthcare

The 8th edition of Health 2.0 Europe will take place in Barcelona on May 3-4-5 in a new location: Fira Montjuic, Plaza España. We will showcase and explore the latest innovations in Healthcare such as patient-provider communication, consumer health, genomics, data analytics, corporate wellness and so much more.

In 2016, we had over 120 speakers and 550 attendees from around the world to experience 52 live product demos of innovative solutions that are shaking up European health systems. For this new edition, be ready for more sessions, more live demos, more workshops, more networking and more fun!

New in 2017:

We are also very happy to announce that Health 2.0 Europe 2017 will be co-located with Healthio, an event where healthcare professionals, patients and companies from the sector will be able to discover and try out the latest health innovations through itineraries designed for participants to navigate and engage with those innovations.


What can you expect from the 2017 edition of Health 2.0 Europe?

  • Our 6th edition of EC2VC Investors’ Forum and Pitch Competition.
  • The 2nd edition of FastTrack by Startupbootcamp for Digital Health Startups.
  • Our annual Design Thinking workshop.
  • A healthcare professional – startup matchmaking event.
  • Transversal Innovation Tracks focused on: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Genomics.

Topics that we will be discussing in 2017:

  • Solutions for hospitals and health professionals
  • Empowering patients
  • Pharma 2.0: collaborating with a transformed industry
  • Corporate wellness: employers are stepping in
  • Patient-provider communication tools
  • Engaging payers: reimbursement and solutions for insurers
  • From the “Unmentionables” to the “Unacceptables”
  • New tools for the European health consumers
  • Data analytics: turning BIG into smart and actionable
  • From health to wellness: wearable & pervasive technologies
  • Health 2.0 applications in emerging markets
  • Genomics and personalized medicine
  • Solutions at the Frontiers of Health 2.0


In 2017 we’re excited to be a co-located partner with HEALTHIO, a new trade show event with a fresh and interactive approach for health professionals, patients and other stakeholders to experience the latest innovations in healthcare. HEALTHIO brings together decision-makers in the healthcare sector to share their experience and knowledge in clinical innovation and its impact on healthcare management.

Trade show activities will include product demonstrations, workshops, talks, debates, knowledge acceleration areas and other activities combined to create a genuinely interactive experience. HEALTHIO will be co-located with Health 2.0 Europe May 3-5 at Fira Montjuic, Plaza España. You can learn more about HEALTHIO here.

EU eHealth Competition 

The 6th eHealth Competition will be held in Barcelona on May 3rd in partnership with Health 2.0 Europe and Healthio.

The eHealth Competition is an initiative that rewards the best eHealth/ mHealth solutions produced by SMEs. Its objective is to support business success of SMEs by giving them visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital.

The 6th Edition call for applications will remain open until the 28th February. The novelty this year is the launch of a Diabetes track to reward the best solutions for the population management of the disease. This track is linked to the ProEmpower initiative (Pre-commercial Procurement). Companies that reach the final phase will receive up to 1,140,000 €. Learn more and Register now! 


EC2VC Investors Forum & Pitch Competition

EC2VC is returning to Barcelona on May 3, 2017! Moderated by Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware International (Italy), EC2VC is a pitch competition and networking opportunity with the most active European investors in digital health!

12 finalists will be invited to make a 4-minute pitch presentation followed by 4 minutes of Q&A with our jury panelists. The jury panelists will select 2 winners in 2 categories: Early stage funding (revenues under 250K€/year) & Series A (revenues over 250K€/year)

For more information including applications to pitch, agenda, and investor judges visit the EC2VC page.

Doctors 2.0

Doctors 2.0 brings together health professional pioneers to share their experiences with each other, and features the latest tools, applications, and programs for physician collaboration, workflow and enhancing the patient-provider relationship by engaging patients with their care. Read more.

Investment Readiness Academy

Thinking of raising money? Get investment-ready with eHealth Hub free training and pitch your startup in front of real investors!

We have a clear goal in mind and we will help you to raise your investment readiness level: which kind of investment is the best for you, how to pitch your business in an attention-grabbing way and how to avoid pitfalls. The course is dedicated for entrepreneurs preparing for fundraising capital. Read more.

Patient’s 2.0 Forum: The Rising Voice of Patients

Patients were at the very start of the Health 2.0 movement, a real motor for change. Technology has supported the rising of their voices: they became increasingly informed and empowered, they called for a redefinition of the doctor/patient relationship, they started using new tools to co-produce their own health, became actors of their own care, and they are now getting increasingly involved in the co-design of these Health 2.0 solutions and giving a new sense to the words “patient-centricity”. This session is FREE to everyone. Read more.

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Data Innovation Day

Data Innovation Day

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Smarter Policies for a Smarter World

Data Innovation Day is organized to raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities of the data revolution. This year’s theme will focus on the opportunities to expand and improve development of smart cities across Europe and the lessons that policymakers can learn from the world’s smartest cities. The event will bring together top-level policymakers, industry experts, and researchers to explore how to better deploy the Internet of Things and data-driven public services in cities.

The Center for Data Innovation, the leading global think tank studying the intersection of data, technology, and public policy, has organized Data Innovation Day every year since 2013. In 2017, it is hosting Data Innovation Day in Brussels for the first time.

About the Conference

Data Innovation Day is a high-level forum for policymakers, thought leaders, and other experts to raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities that will arise from the data revolution and discuss the positive steps that government can take to support the development, adoption, and use of emerging data-driven technologies.

Since 2013, the conference has been organized annually by the Center for Data Innovation, the leading global think tank studying the intersection of data, technology, and public policy.  This is the first year the conference will be held in Brussels.

About the Theme

The theme this year is “Building Smart Cities for Tomorrow’s Data Economy.”

Europe consistently ranks high as having some of the best cities in the world. However, its successes today are the results of past investments and strategic planning. The advent of smart cities—cities that use data to improve the way they work—has created a new inflection point in the development trajectory of cities. The choices European cities make today will have long-term consequences for their future competitiveness, sustainability, and quality of life.

Smart cities have many important objectives: make public transport more practical, ease road traffic, cut carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, enhance social care for people who are older or disabled, provide government services more efficiently, boost the local economy, cut red tape, and even fight crime. While a number of European cities have begun exploring smart city projects, more should be done to ensure that Europe becomes a global leader in smart cities and that associated industries and firms that support them.

Join the Center for Data Innovation for a conversation with leading experts from industry and government about the future of smart cities and the steps policymakers should take to lead the way in the development of smart cities.

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Cybathlon 2016

Cybathlon 2016

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Cybathlon, the first Olympic Games for bionic athletes was hosted on 8 October 2016, in Kloten, Switzerland. This world premiere saw 74 international disabled athletes – kitted out with bionic prostheses and brain-computer interfaces – compete with each other at the specially created events. These modern-day cyborgs from 25 different countries competed in 59 different teams from all over the world.

The initiative was launched by Robert Riener,  a professor of sensory-motor systems at ETHZ. “One of the goals of the cybathlon is to encourage researchers and developers to work on robotic technologies that can substantially improve daily life for people with disabilities.

ETH Zurich will host the next Cybathlon in May 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland!

The unique competition for people with disabilities will continue!

The six disciplines from 2016; Brain-Computer Interface Race, FES Bike Race, Powered Arm Prosthesis Race, Powered Leg Prosthesis Race, Powered Exoskeleton Race, Powered Wheelchair Race, will remain in the Cybathlon 2020 programme. The tasks will continue to be relevant to everyday life, but will reflect advances in research. The main goal of the Cybathlon 2020 is to push the development of assistive devices for people with disabilities.

Due to the very successful Cybathlon event in 2016 and the feedback received, the Organising Committee plans an even bigger event, breaking it up into two days. There will also be an attractive secondary programme, wherein the visitors can try out the disciplines for themselves (hands-on demos) and understand the issues surrounding disability in a practical way.





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