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Digital Health World Forum 2015

Digital Health World Forum

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Technology is changing the face of health provision globally.  Innovative services and devices are enabling enhanced levels of care, increased efficiencies and lower costs. Government measures are directing innovation, and payers, providers and technology developers are creating new working models and a patient-centric approach.

Boasting an interactive, cutting edge agenda with visionary speaker line-up, the Digital Health World Forum is a 1 day conference and exhibition for global authorities to present their “how-to” strategy and vision for the health and care sector.

Make sure you are present on the 8th of December for THE health technology event of 2015.

2015 Digital Health World Forum Agenda

Understand the full power of technology in health and define strategies to take your organisation to the next level. Select your key focus area and attend a full stream or set your own agenda with a mix of attendance across all tracks.

Digital Health Keynote Theatre

09:00 – Chair’s Opening Remarks

09:10 – Vision for The Paperless NHS – Going Digital for an Enhanced Patient Experience

09:30 – Panel Discussion: How Can Technology Drive Patient Engagement and Deliver a Proactive Heath Service?

10:10 – Innovation at the Forefront of mHealth and Healthcare App Development

10:35 – Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

Data, Analytics and Security Theatre

11:30 – Data Privacy – Allaying Security Concerns that Prevent the Optimum Useage of Data

11:50 – Panel Discussion: Data Data Everywhere – But How is it Being Used?

12:20 – Using Data to Increase Wellbeing and Generate Patient Engagement

12:40 – Cross Sector Information Sharing for Direct Care

13:00 – Lunch

14:15 – Data Collection and Analysis in the Challenge to Overcome Obesity: Helping Health Change Study

14:35 – Transformation to Automated Processes – Have you Analysed the Difference It has Brought to Your Organisation?

14:55 – Panel Discussion: Improving Security, Privacy and Data Protection to Bridge the Gap Between Data and Patient Care

15:25 – Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

16:00 – Panel Discussion: Turning Wearables Data into Valuable Information

16:30 – Big Data for Population Health Management

16:50 – Cloud-Based Solutions for Secure Data Storage

17:10 – Panel Discussion: Why it Makes Sense to Store Electronic Patient Records and Health Data in the Cloud – Enabling Innovation, Mobility, Innovation and Access

17:40 – Close of Stream

mHealth & Apps

11:30 – Digital technologies – Igniting mHealth and Wearables

11:50 – Mobilising the Workforce for Enhanced Service and Cost-Efficiency

12:15 – How is Mobile Revolutionising Health and Care?

12:35 – Drivers and Obstacles to mHealth Adoption

13:00 – Lunch

14:15 – Panel Discussion: Regulating mHealth

14:45 – Developing the Business Model – Who will pay for mHealth Services?

15:05 – The Importance of Mobile in a Robust Community Care System

15:25 – Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

16:00 – Game-Changing – Increasing Consumer Adoption of Healthcare Apps – What will be the Next Killer Health App?

16:40 – Maximising Opportunities for mHealth

17:00 – Panel Discussion: mHealth – Revolutionising the Way Patients Receive Care

17:30 – Taking Wearable Devices from Fitness Fad to Healthcare Essential

17:50 – Close of Stream

The Digital Hospital Theatre

11:30 – EPR Evaluation: deployment scenarios, patient views, care provider opinions – what are the benefits and downfalls of EPR?

12:15 – The Transition to Paperless/Paper Light

12:35 – Interoperability Challenges – Bringing all the Data Together

13:00 – Lunch

14:15 – Are Clinicians Maximising the Benefits from EPR?

14:40 – Panel Discussion: Bridging the Gap Between Clinicians and IT Department

15:25 – Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

16:00 – Improving Healthcare Delivery with High Level IT Systems

16:30 – Why OpenSource is the Way Forward for Technology in Healthcare

16:55 – Providing a Holistic View of Each Patient

17:20 – Close of Stream

Connected Care Theatre

11:30 – Digitising Primary Care – Moving to the Next Generation of Primary Care

11:50 – Panel Discussion: How are GPs Re-Shaping Primary Care Delivery?

12:20 – Evolving from Reactive Medical Business to Proactive Population Management

12:40 – Tools and support for Patient Empowerment

13:00 – Lunch

14:15 – Digital Technology for a Healthier Society

14:35 – Panel Discussion: Smart Home – Healthy Home. How are Hospital Visits Reduced by Smart Home Solutions

15:05 – Telemedicine Transforming Chronic Disease Management

15:25 – Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

16:00 – Using Telemedicine to Develop Patient Engagement

16:20 – Telemedicine : Win-Win for Patient and Hospital

16:40 – Seeing Patients as an Asset (Not Just a Cost)

17:00 – Engaging the Patient For a Proactive Rather Than Reactive Approach to Healthcare

17:20 – Close of Stream






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