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IoT Indian Expo

Internet of Things India Expo

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Internet of Things India Expo

The event is a B-2-B interface amongst industry stakeholders, and aims to provide a global showcase for cutting edge technologies, R&D and applications by creating an unparalleled business ambience.

Conference Programme Outline

Day 1: 08 February 2017

1000-1100 hrs    Opening Ceremony

1100-1130 hrs    Networking break

1130-1300 hrs    Conference Inaugural Session: Theme: “Digital India”

1300-1400 hrs    Lunch

Time      Hall C: Internet of Things

1400-1530 hrs    From PoC to Monetization – new business models and revenue generating streams

1500-1600 hrs    Policy formulation on IoT-An urgent necessity at this stage

1600-1615 hrs    Networking break

1615-1715 hrs    Funding IoT Startups: Success and Challenges

Day 2: 09 February 2017

Time      Hall C: Internet of Things

1000-1100 hrs    From Unconnected Products to Connected Everything – How IoT is Transforming Business for Enterprises

1100-1115 hrs    Networking break

1115-1215 hrs    Moving Big Data to Fast Data and advanced analytics for accelerating IoT Growth

1215-1315 hrs    IoT at the Edge: Sensors & Technologies

1315-1400 hrs    Lunch

1400-1530 hrs    Industry 4.0: the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies

1530-1600 hrs    Impact of IoT on Lifestyle: Smart Homes

1600-1615 hrs    Networking break

1615-1715 hrs    Connected Healthcare: Moving from Illness to Wellness

Day 3: 10 February 2017

Time      Hall C: Internet of Things

1000-1130 hrs    Session: Impact of IoT on Lifestyle: Smart Homes

1130-1145 hrs    Networking break

1145-1315 hrs    Session: IoT trends in connected Transport

1315-1400 hrs    Lunch and Visit to Exhibition

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MobCon Digital Health

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MobCon Digital Health will zero in on advances in technology impacting health, wellness and business. This first of its kind conference will feature presentations by the top minds in digital health, 5 educational tracks, exhibits, tech demos, unparalleled networking opportunities and more.

MobCon Digital Health Conference Tracks

Future of Digital Health

Tap into the leading innovators who connect vision with application to explain how the future of healthcare will be forever redefined using technology. Learn the essential elements of the digital health revolution and how the industry is poised for explosive change in delivering health and wellness.

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

An in-depth look at privacy rules, compliance and regulatory pathways as they pertain to health technologies. Learn the best practices for navigating regulation, from device classification to post-market surveillance, in order to gain regulatory clearance.

The Power of the Data

The future of medicine lies in big data analytics. Industry leaders will reveal new approaches for combining disparate data silos into a rich source of information that provides a 360-degree view of the patient, resulting in a better way to identify risk factors, improve diagnosis and ultimately reduce costs.

From Sensors to Mobile

Wearable sensors, ingestible sensors, wireless medical devices, mobile medical apps: The innovative realm of wireless health will be evaluated for usability, accessibility to data, clinical outcomes, healthcare value and how it can impact the patient-to-physician experience.

Digital Health as a Business

A comprehensive look at the business side of digital health, including recent successes and failures, and the complex financial, legislative and competitive pressures for everyone from entrepreneurs to large medical corporations.



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