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eCulture – “a term used to categorise the social evolution and transformation course society is pursuing, to a digitally orientated way of life”

 The eCulture Zone is a place of enlightenment, education and forum for debate, on the positive and negative attributes of the world’s social evolution and transformation to a digitally orientated way of life.

A transformation today that is driven by a rate of technological innovation that is increasing rapidly, delivering new devices, new ways to connect, to communicate, to engage and to integrate, which in the extreme involves direct integration between organic and synthetic / robotic forms.

We try to identify news and announcements on eCulture developments of significance, things that we hope our audience will find interesting and be encouraged to debate, comment offer further insight or just express concerns.

Building and eCulture Community

Jump in and join the discussion. At eCulture we want your input, what do you think about the prospect of this social transformation, what is your experience of it so far, what is good about it and what’s not so good?

We want to build a community if interested and concerned individuals, one that in time might be strong enough to make the good eCulture developments exceptional and influence the bad eCulture developments to become better.

eCulture Themes Summary

In summary and to understand the scope of eCulture social transformation we review and report on the following themes:

Got another theme you think we should be addressing specifically, or want to suggest some news sources or product lines we ought to be discussing, feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.

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