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eCulture – “a term used to categorise the social evolution and transformation course society is pursuing, to a digitally orientated way of life”

The eCulture Zone is a place of enlightenment, education and forum for debate, on the positive and negative attributes of the world’s social evolution and transformation to a digitally orientated way of life.

eCulture – How is it Happening

In summary and to understand the scope of eCulture social transformation some simple everyday transitions that have already occurred include:

Banks, utility providers and home media service providers are all defaulting to a on-line proposition with regard to how you manage the services they provide to you. Reviewing bills and making complaints represent two aspects you will likely find have become by default on-line processes?

Notable aspects of government progress on digitisation of services include, the ability to manage tax affairs on-line, process car tax, assessing eligibility for benefits.

Increasing adoption by healthcare providers of tele-health and tele-care services utilising wireless enabled monitoring devices to remotely maintain an awareness of things like blood pressure, weight, blood glucose levels etc. that can be used by patients without the assistance of a health care professional.

 Well being devices that have quickly become common place in shops and on-line stores, today with all major mobile smart phone providers now promoting a range of smart watches that can run apps connected to the internet.

In a recent development researchers at Chalmers University in Sweden announced that they had succeeded in connecting a prosthetic arm directly to the bone, nerves and muscles of a patient to create “a stable fusion between man and machine”, it is only a matter of time before upgrades capability is offered to those that want it.

With a plethora of new ways for personal and private information to be collected and shared emerging as technological and digital by default standards progress, privacy and data protection are quickly become mainstream concerns.

Building and eCulture Community

Jump in and join the discussion. At eCulture we want your input, what do you think about the prospect of this social transforming, what is your experience of it so far, what is good about it and what’s not so good?

We want to build a community if interested and concerned individuals, one that in time might be strong enough to make the good eCulture developments exceptional and influence the bad eCulture developments to become better.

Got another theme you think we should be addressing specifically, or want to suggest some news sources or product lines we ought to be discussing, feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.

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